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Who Needs Driver's ED?

All teenagers underage 18 are subject to the Graduated Driver's Licensing Process in New Mexico to obtain a driver's permit and move on to a full license. This is a three-step process.



Instructional Permit. To obtain an Instructional Permit a teenager must complete Driver's Education and take a Motor Vehicle Knowledge Test. Parents are then required to spend at least 50 hours over, a 6-month period of time, training their teenager to be a safe and effective driver. Teens are required to hold an Instructional Permit for a minimum of 6 months before moving on to Step 2.



Provisional License. To obtain a Provisional License a student must have their Certificate of Completion from the Driver's Education course and successfully pass a Driving Road exam with an Instructor. Teens will hold the Provisional Licenses for one year. After 1 year of safe driving a teen can move on to Step 3.



Full-Unrestricted License!


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